Mining Rig Club’s Guide for New Miners – 3 ways to use cryptocurrency

1) Store the coins and wait for them to hit motherlode

When you buy or receive cryptocurrency, you will get a digital key to the address of that currency. You can use this key to access the coins. The biggest threat to your coins will be hackers who are after free coins. We will guide you on how to avoid that and create a secure wallet for your mining rig. Your rig will send cryptocurrency directly to your wallet non-stop as long as it’s running!

Hardware cryptocurrency wallets like Trezor is the recommended way to store coins securely.

2) Cash them out to Fiat

We can assist you in exchanging your crypto to fiat currencies like SGD, USD, RMB etc. Alternatively you can simply do a transfer from your wallet to an online or physical exchange to convert the crypto-coins to fiat currencies.

3) Best way – Compound and buy more rigs
Alternatively, to continue mining optimally and competitively, existing miners reinvest their earnings into buying better rigs for continuity of mining to progressively earn greater amounts of cryptocurrencies.

At Mining Rig Club, we also provide cryptocurrency consultation services. So if you are new to mining and will like to know which is the best coin to mine, when to switch coins, when to sell etc, we are more than happy to assist you, obligation-free. Contact us today or join our next free, educational MasterClasses to learn more.

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