What to look out for when buying rigs


What to look out for when buying rigs

With many retailers online, in IT shops and even on buy-and-sell platforms, it is daunting for a new miner to decide how to start. Here’s our two cents to help you make a better decision!


How to decide which mining rig to get?

First, decide on how many and which coins you wish to mine. Feel free to consult us if you are unsure. Do you wish to mine multiple coins or only one? Do you wish for the flexibility of changing coins whenever you want? Will you prefer to take care of the rig yourself or leave it to a team of experts looking after it 24/7? Look at the ROI (return on investment) on the rigs and choose a rig that gives you the highest net ROI and highest uptime. Ask the previous customers for reviews to give you a better idea of the rig or hosting service provider.


What is the difference between various companies offering mining rigs?

There are 2 different types of companies – Retailers and Farm Builders.

Retailers offer a wide variety of configurations for their mining rigs. Their main business model is to earn a markup, so their prices tend to be higher. They may not always be able to help with hosting or technical support.

Farm Builders, have a business model in the construction and management of large-scale mining data centre operations, in Singapore and Overseas. Having teams with deep domain knowledge and expertise on power management, equipment maintenance and access to hundreds to thousands of mining rigs on a regular basis. They will also have their own farm management softwares to monitor, detect and deliver good uptime to ensure fast customer service.

Our specialised engineering teams are in charge of maintenence and R&D of better rig setups.

As a customer, choosing who to buy your rigs from is important. Namely, for value of money, after-sales support, on-job expertise, and that they are in for the long haul to assist customers for an extended period of time which to span to years.

Our data centre that hosts our clients’ rigs!

Our data centre that hosts our clients’ rigs!


How to ensure the retailer is reputable?

Ensure that the mining company who is selling you the rigs is doing business for the long term. This mean that they are investing capital in building large infrastructures to grow their business. They will also be investing into R&D to create better rigs with higher uptime, building softwares from scratch to control and manage their farm. They should also have the backing of a strong board of advisors with relevant background, like our board of advisors.

A Farm Builder should have their own software to manage their farm, like our proprietary management software we built from scratch to have 92% uptime.

To learn more about how we can help kick-start your crypto mining journey in the most hassle-free way, drop by for a free MasterClass or do contact us now.

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